Most Frequently Asked Question: Do I choose the Medicare (1 engine) or the Medicare DUO (2 engines)?

  • If the user is slightly older and simple use is essential, choose the standard Medicare as described below.
  • If the user is capable: choose the Medicare DUO (click here). The extra options are well worth the extra cost. The extra engine ensures that you can operate the foot section and backrest separately or together.

Leather recliner MEDICARE 

The Medicare is an armchair that is fully adjustable at the push of a button. This electric stand-up chair tilts courteously with you, so that you can stand up without effort.

This leather armchair has a Second/Skin treatment and is therefore also easy to clean should an accident happen. This lift recliner is suitable for all ages with the aim of increasing mobility.

The focus is on simple operation and excellent seating comfort.




  1. Stand-up function : This stand-up chair goes up and down smoothly. The stand function helps you sit and stand up;
  2. TV function: Press a button and the foot part rises. Your legs can rest with a straight back. Ideal for reading a book or watching television. Once the foot section is fully raised, only then will the back lower for the sleep function (see below);
  3. Sleeping chair : The foot part can be raised and the back can partly be lowered (see photo). Result : an armchair to dream in.


  • There are 2 large buttons;
  • Suitable for all ages;
  • Commonly used for old people homes

3 advantages

  1. Choose your own date of delivery.  Everything you seen on this site is available for immediate delivery.  You can choose your own date of delivery while placing an order.
  2. You can pay on delivery , no need for a deposit.
  3. Free installation when ordering this chair.



Sitting properly is important and you will notice that immediately. The backrest consists of 3 comfort zones for optimal comfort. At the bottom of the pillow, extra support is provided for your lower back.


  • Height +- 115cm,
  • Width (outer dimension)+-73 cm;
  • Seat width (inside dimensions) : 47cm 
  • Depth seating area (inside dimensions) +-52 cm
  • Entry height : +- 46 cm (floor to knee) 
  • For users up to 105 kg (Heavier users, please use the Medicare DUO)


  • Upholstery: We choose a semi-leather upholstery of the "vachette" type.  This type of leather is strong & flexible to sit comfortably in the relax armchair for a long time.
         Second/Skin (TM): As standard we supply the Medicare & Medicare Mini with a Second/Skin treatment for extra stain protection. Spilled greasy and watery liquids are repelled better as a result.



We attach the relax mechanism to the frame of the armchair using screws or bolts.

Most manufacturers use screws with a diameter of 5mm. They usually use 4 screws (1 per corner) to screw the mechanism to the frame. With this diameter, the risk of breakage is already possible after 2 years.

Swiss-relax therefore uses 8 bolts (2 per corner) with a diameter of 8 mm. We use bolts instead of screws because we can fix them with more pressure.


Emergency descent

  • All armchairs are equipped with an emergency descent.
  • When the mains power fails, this stand-up chair will automatically switch to batteries.
  • Your advantage: People with reduced mobility will also be able to use the armchair safely in the event of a power cut.


The seat of the armchair contains an extremely strong pocket spring core. As a result, your seating area will always retain its shape, even after intensive use and also for heavier people.


  • Four wheels at the bottom of the armchair ensure that you can easily move it.
  • The wheels go up when using the stand-up function. As a result, the armchair is always fixed when getting out.


Importance of a strong relaxation mechanism:

We finish the Medicare (duo) on a sturdy steel frame.

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relaxzete mechanisme

What service can I expect with the delivery of the armchairs?

  •      You choose the date of delivery when ordering.
  •      Delivery within a three-hour window (notification by SMS and email).
  •      Possibility to take back old armchair (cost : 39 euro a chair)